How to do App Registration for Enterprise Application?

In this post we can see how to do an App Registration for a Web application so that it will become Enterprise Application.

Step 1  Open Azure Portal > Active Directory

Open Azure Portal > Go to Active Directory from Resources.


Step 2  Open App Registrations

Open App Registrations blade as shown below.


Step 3 Create New App Service

Click on the New Registration button. 

  • Enter Name for the service
  • Leave the default options
  • Enter the Redirect URI as the URL of your web application / web api

Click the Register button

Copy the Client ID  as displayed over there.


Step 3 Create Credentials

Go to the Certificates & secrets blade. 

  • Click on New client secret
  • Save changes

Copy the Password generated


Now you have the Client ID and the Client Secret for the App Registration.  Now any application authenticated using these will be given privilege of this App Registration.

Step 4  Open Enterprise Applications

Open Enterprise Applications blade from Active Directory.  Search for the name.


If you can find your Application – Congratulations!

You have just created an Enterprise Applications.  Now you can do the following & more with it.

  • Add Owners
  • Add Users
    • Internal & External
    • Enable Self-Servcie
  • Audit Logs
  • Troubleshoot



In this post we have seen how to perform an App Registration.


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