About Me

Hi Folks!

I am Jean Paul, a passionate & dedicated Developer cum Architect in Microsoft Technologies including C#, Azure, ASP.NET MVC, SQL etc.  I have Total 15+ Years of Experience in Programming Web & Back-end applications.  In my free times I will be exploring Blog Authoring, Certifications, Stock Market Analysis, Or Photography.

I honestly believe Quality & Perfection wins in the Long-Run! I am very religious about it.  Hence I keep a Tight Check on Coding & Architect practices.

Highlighting the best, I would say I got opportunity to write few e-books listed below.


Also,  I am an Advocate of TDD (Test Driven Development), would like to demonstrate the code I have written for a Coding Test.

tddLink  Github

I have also achieved Microsoft Certifications in C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, SharePoint etc.


Certificates Validation: http://bit.ly/1ajvbi0 Transcript Id: 828479 Access Code: JEAN2MCP


In the free time, I spend time on nature photography. You may also visit my Photography page, Feedback & Bless with some Likes. 🙂