Azure Traffic Manager

Azure Traffic Manager resolves the DNS request into IP Address.  It is usable for Globally available applications where Users can access from different countries/regions. 

Routing Methods

Azure Traffic Manager does the routing based on 6 types of methods:

Priority where end point is chosen based on priority.

Weighted Routing where traffic is distributed evenly among endpoints.

Performance Routing where closet endpoint is chosen based on endpoint latency compared with the user location.

Geographic Routing where user is directed to the geographical region of their location.  It also aligns with Geo-compliance ensuring data is not crossing country boundaries.

Multivalue Routing where multiple endpoints are provided to a single DNS query response.

Subnet Routing where user IP address ranges to specific endpoints based on the Subnet of the user.


Azure Traffic Manager can be used for Failover scenarios too where Active/Passive model can be implemented – whenever Active server goes down the Passive will come into play.


In this post we have explored about Azure Traffic Manager.