Microsoft Azure

In this article we can explore about Microsoft Azure.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s answer to Cloud Computing.

Azure is Microsoft’s application platform for the public cloud.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is sharing of Computing resources – servers, storage, database, networking, software, analytics etc.

Cloud Computing typically charge based on Usage.

Cloud Computing saves money & time from purchasing hardware, software, hiring, installations etc.

Cloud Computing provides easy Scalability.


Cloud Computing Providers

There are multiple Cloud Computing Providers in the Market.

Few of the Front Runners are:

· Microsoft Azure

· Amazon Web Services

· Google Cloud Platform

Azure Components

Azure contains the following main Components.


Compute provides the hosting infrastructure where our  Application runs on.



Data provides the persistence infrastructure which our Application uses.  It includes Tables, Queues, SQL Azure etc.



Network infrastructure allows secure communication with individual components within Azure & outside Azure.


Developer Services

Developer Services allows build, deploy & manage custom applications within Azure.


Identity & Access

Identity manages user credentials, Access provides users access to corporate application & data.


Messaging & Integration

Messaging & Integration infrastructure allows Communication between applications using Message Queue, Service Bus infrastructure.



Performance of Application can be monitored & tuned using Azure Traffic Manager infrastructure.


Big Compute & Big Data

Large amount of data processing is possible in Azure using HDInsight infrastructure.



This service allows Media file management, consuming by users.



End users can create their own applications, sell & manage them through Azure.

Azure Portal

Azure Portal is the Web Interface through which we can Create & Manage Azure services.

Azure Portal URL is

Azure Portal is mainly used by Administrators, Developers.



In this article we have explored about Microsoft Azure.