Azure Database – Service Tiers–Performance

In this Post we can explore the Advantage of SQL Database Tiers Scalability.


Azure provides Flexibility of Scaling Up/Down based on the Demand. 

Create a Database

Create an Azure Database with Default Options.  You will get it created in Standard service tier.


Performance Test

You can create a Table with 10 columns & Insert 10 Lakh Records.

It took around 2 hour for me.

Scale Up

Now we need to Scale Up and Test.

Choose the database Configuration as shown below.


In the appearing window choose Premium.

Choose the 500 DTU option.  Now click Apply button.  Wait for Few minutes for the Upgrade to complete.



DTU represents Data Throughput Unit. More the DTU More the Performance.

Run the Results

Now run the same Query again.  The performance got improved by 50% by completing in 1 hour.


Increasing the Service Tier / DTU will give quick jump up in performance during Peak hours.


Do not forget to scale down after the purpose. Else the bills will also perform huge.