Azure Migration Checklist

In this article we can explore the Requirement Checklists while Migrating an ASP.NET application to Azure.


Azure Migration is a common scenario. The source application could be ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC etc. Many companies face the question whether they should migrate to Azure or not.

I am producing below the Checklist which can be helpful in making the Migration decision process.


Following are the checklist items while you decide to Migrate an existing ASP.NET application to Azure.

ROI Checklist


Infrastructure Cost

Calculate the Infrastructure purchase cost & savings through azure.

Support Cost

Calculate the Support Professionals hire cost & savings through azure.

Software Cost

Calculate the Software purchase cost & savings through azure.

Scaling Cost

Calculate automatic scaling up / down flexibility, cost advantages. Compare with existing hosting.

Overall ROI

Find breakeven point. Ensure ROI is better with Azure Hosting.





Ensure the Application is Compatible with Azure environment.


Find depending applications on the Source application & database.


Ensure the Azure Scalability, Geographical Redundancy, Edge Servers are meeting your Application requirements.

Hosting Type

Come up with a plan of Public hosting, Private hosting Or Hybrid hosting

Network Traffic

Find the Network Traffic of current Application to ensure Azure pricing won’t give any surprises.




Session State

The current ASP.NET session state management may not be compatible with Azure hosting. Conduct a compatibility analysis on same.


The current ASP.NET Caching mechanism may not be compatible with Azure hosting. Conduct a compatibility analysis on same.

Configuration File

Ensure the app settings, Connection strings are compatible with Azure




Database Version

Confirm the source database version compatibility with Azure database. If there is Incompatibility, Migration of database to a compatible version required. After that we can perform Azure migration.

Database Size

Confirm the database size is within the limitation & budget for Azure.

Transaction Volume

Ensure the database queries, transaction volume does not exceed the Azure plan. Identify depending applications which queries the database frequently.

Linked Servers

Find out linked servers in existing application & ensure they can be connected to Azure hosting.





Ensure the current Authentication mechanism is compatible with Azure. If not come with a Remediation plan.


Ensure the current Authorization mechanism is compatible with Azure. If not come with a Remediation plan.

Active Directory

Ensure Active Directory Users, Roles & Custom Properties are migrated accurately to Azure.

Information Security

Azure involves storing data outside company managed servers. We need to ensure client information security policies align with this.





Developer Machine

Ensure proper Developer machine or VM configuration for Developer

Staging Machine

Ensure proper Stating machine or VM configuration for Staging the application builds

Testing Machine

Ensure proper Testing machine or VM configuration for Tester




VM Deployment

Find out whether the whole application can be deployed as a VM deployment.


Create Diagnostics plan for Monitoring and Alerting on Response Time, CPU availability, Errors etc.

Disaster Recovery

Ensure backup & recovery methods can be propagated to Azure




Performance Testing

Ensure the Application Metrics are compatible with Azure hosting – Average Response Time, Concurrent User Access etc.

Data Testing

Ensure the Data being migrated is accurate

Business Testing

Ensure core business logic, background logic is accurately working in new Azure hosting.

Domain Name Testing

Ensure all the domain names, sub-domain names are Migrated well to Azure


We can also migrate PHP application to Azure. In this case most of the Checklist items still applies to PHP application too.


In this article we have explored key points regarding Azure Migration.