Why Azure?

In this article we can explore the Advantages of Deploying Applications to Azure.


Azure is a Cloud Computing Service created by Microsoft to build, test, deploy & manage applications.

Azure vs. On-Premises

Azure provides the following Advantages compared with On-Premises:

· No Infrastructure Purchase required & thus saving cost in hardware purchase, upgrade & maintenance.

· Easy Scalability is offered through scaling up of Azure hardware based on demand.

· More Uptime The data centers of Azure provide more Uptime than traditional On-premises data centers and giving More Reliability.

· Reduced Cost due to Subscription based service. No big investment on hardware & software.

· More Security The data centers of Microsoft Azure provide Best Security for data in transit & data at rest.

· More Stability Azure provides multiple copies of application & databases to automatically handle a failover situation. Thus, the Stability is high in Azure.

· Hybrid Support Azure provides more Hybrid deployment scenarios than traditional On-Premise hosting.


When to choose On-Premise?

Even though the above advantages are there with Azure, still one may have to choose On-Premise hosting given the following scenario:

· If your On-Premise Hosting Cost is considerably lesser than Azure hosting

· If your Client Data Privacy policy restricts data being hosted outside the country or 3rd party premise.

Hosting in Azure or Or-Premise is a Choice to be made with Good Evaluations on Starting Cost, Ongoing cost & Future scenarios.


In this article we have explored what are the Advantages of going with Azure hosting.

.Net Core Advantages

In this post I would like to list few advantages of going with .Net Core. Even in Azure we can host .Net Core components.

Platform Independence

.Net Core provides Real Platform Independence.  This makes us host .Net Core applications in Linux & Mac operating systems. 


.Net Core is sleek & it provides better Performance in benchmarks compared with .Net and NodeJS blocks.

Open Source

.Net Core is open source allowing us to read the code, modify it, no wait for patches. 

Future of .Net

After 17 years, Microsoft is coming with a Sleeker .Net which is Superior & Flexible compared with other Programming arenas.  So the future of .Net seems to be with .Net Core.  It is worth investing & start developing applications using .Net Core