Azure Migrate, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Database Migration Service & Disaster Recovery

For migrating on-premise applications to Azure, following tools are available to help you:

  1. Azure Migrate
  2. Azure Site Recovery
  3. Azure Database Migration Service

Planning Phase

Before migrating to Azure, you will have to do a Planning on your existing applications, technologies, hosting methodologies & their corresponding equivalent in Azure.

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate is a free service which will help in discover, assess & migrate on-premise systems to Azure.

Azure Migrate can do the Assessment with following steps:

  • Configure Appliance on Server
  • Run Agents on each VM
  • Create Assessment

Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery is a Disaster Recovery strategy which can also be used to Migrate On-Premises VM to Azure.

Database Migration Service

Database Migration Service helps to asses the Compatibility of source database against destination Azure database & Also migrate the data.

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is Essential to prevent Revenue Loss & Maintaining SLAs of businesses.  Azure provides Disaster Recovery through Azure Site Recovery strategy.

For the same, one has to understand RTO & RPO during a disaster:

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is maximum time business can survive until service restoration
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is maximum data business can loose until service restoration

Azure Site Recovery is an important tool for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.  ASR will replicate workloads from primary site to secondary site during a disaster.  Replication can happen:

  • From VM to Azure
  • From Azure Region to another Azure region


Failover is the process of switching service from primary to secondary during disaster. 

Failback is the process of switching service back to primary when it is recovered.

HADR – High Availability Disaster Recovery

BCDR – Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

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