Azure AD Search using C#

In this post I would like to give a Sample to Search on Azure Active Directory using Filter.


Following are the pre-requisites:

  • Create AD > App Registration & Client Credentials
  • Assign Directory.Read.All “application” permission & Provide Admin Consent

The Code

private async static void SerachAzureAD(string search)
                string clientID = “YOUR-CLIENT-ID”;
                string clientSecret = “YOUR-CLIENT-SECRET”;
                string tenantID = “YOUR-AD-TENANT-ID”;

               string graphApiResource = “”;
                Uri microsoftLogin = new Uri(“”);

               string authority = new Uri(microsoftLogin, tenantID).AbsoluteUri;
                AuthenticationContext authenticationContext = new AuthenticationContext(authority);
                ClientCredential clientCredential = new ClientCredential(clientID, clientSecret);

               // Picks up the bearer token.
                AuthenticationResult authenticationResult = authenticationContext.AcquireTokenAsync(graphApiResource, clientCredential).Result;

               GraphServiceClient graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(new DelegateAuthenticationProvider(
                async (requestMessage) =>
                    requestMessage.Headers.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue(“bearer”, authenticationResult.AccessToken);

               string filter = $”startswith(displayName, ‘{search}’) or startswith(givenName, ‘{search}’) or startswith(surname, ‘{search}’) or startswith(mail, ‘{search}’) or startswith(userPrincipalName, ‘{search}’)”;
                //$”$filter=displayName EQ {search}”;

               IGraphServiceUsersCollectionPage users = graphClient.Users.Request()


               while (users.Count > 0)
                    foreach (var user in users.CurrentPage)

                   if (users.NextPageRequest != null)
                        users = await users.NextPageRequest





In this post we have seen how to do Azure Active Directory Search using C# & Search Filters.

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