How to Add User in an Azure Enterprise Application?

In the world of Azure, adding Users to an Application is a bit different – You don’t need to create User Creation & User Roles management creation screens.  Yes! everything can be managed through Azure Portal.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications are those Applications deployed to your Organization, each one would have an App Registration. 

Go to Azure > Active Directory > Enterprise Applications blade to view them.


Create User

Now we can add a new user to the Enterprise Application selected.

Go to Azure > Active Directory > Users


Click the New User button on the right.  Add the new user


Save changes.

Select User

Now you can select the newly created User from the Enterprise Applications > Users blade.


Leave the Role as blank.  Click Add to continue.

Now you can see the New User got added.


Create Role

For assigning a Role to the user – you need to create the Role first.

Go to Azure > Active Directory > App Services > Your App > Manifest blade

Modify the roles property as shown below.

“appRoles”: [
       “allowedMemberTypes”: [
       “displayName”: “Author”,
       “id”: “abc2ade8-98f8-45fd-aa4a-6d06b947c66f”,
       “isEnabled”: true,
       “description”: “Authors can write blogs.”,
       “value”: “Author”

Save Changes & Go back to the User adding screen in Enterprise Applications.

You will be now able to select the New Role from the screen.


Whenever user is authenticated, you will get the Role too in the authentication token.  (Enable ID Token in App Registration for same)


In this article you found how to Add User & Role for an Enterprise Application.  This is really advantageous & can save hundreds of productivity hours where the Application Administrator can manage the Azure Portal for adding/editing users.   (Relying on Company Support Ticket Team may delay the whole things)

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