Creating a VNET (Virtual Network) in Azure

VNET (Virtual Network)

VNET provides the following advantages:

  • Isolation by providing a subnet within the Azure
  • Protection from public Internet & Other VNETs

Create a VNET

We need to create 2 VNETs:

  • frontend VNET for the web application
  • backend VNET for the sql database

Open Azure Portal & Go to Create Resource > VNET.


We can create a frontend subnet now.


We can create a backend subnet now.

(Go to Home > Virtual Networks > Choose our VNET > Subnet blade)


You can see the Subnets have different Address ranges.


In the next post we can create a web application & host in the VNET.


In this post we can see how to create a VNET (Virtual Network) in Azure.

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