Azure Functions 2.0

In this article we can explore about Azure Functions & Latest release 2.0.

Azure Functions

Azure Function is a serverless compute service. It allows to quickly create a Function & Deploy to Azure Cloud without worrying about the Infrastructure. It has features like Auto-Scale, Pay-per-Use Pricing model, Multiple Language Support, Multiple Triggers, Integrated Security etc.

In short Azure Functions is Event + Code, Serverless, FaaS.


Serverless does not mean there are No Servers. But, they Scale easily to N number of Hardware depending on the Load.

Azure Functions 2.0

Following are the New Features in Azure Functions 2.0:

· Cross-Platform Support

· .Net Core 2.1 Support

· Non .Net Language Support

· Native Tooling Support

· Increased DevOps Support

· Consumption based Billing


Azure Functions in its Totality is better than Azure Web Jobs.

Consumption Plan

Consumption Plan gives the Flexibility that You will be Charged only the Execution Time of Functions.

Where to use Functions?

We can use Functions in Once-in-a-While scenarios like:

  • Tax Calculations during Tax Period which requires heavy-use, easier-scalability
  • Data Processing Period during a Client Engagement where Data Processing will be done in a day & rest of the time only reporting will be used

Native Tooling in Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 includes the Azure Functions SDK to provide Functions template.




In this article we have explored about Azure Functions 2.0.

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