Mobile App Advantages

In this post we can consider the Advantages of Mobile App Feature of App Service.

Offline Storage

The Offline Storage provides data storage during No-Internet times.

Improved Responsiveness

For critical applications which require read/write response within 1 seconds can be achieved through Offline Storage of data helping read/write seamless.

Push Notifications

Azure Notification Hub support for Sending messages to multiple devices/platforms of Android, iOS, Windows etc.

Identity Management

AD Enabled for easier Security Integration

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Twitter Integration for Federated Authentication, Post Integration etc.


Multiple devices can be supported through Auto Scale feature.

Staged Deployments

We can do Staged deployments where Production switching is possible through changing IPs

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration with Visual Studio & Github possible.

Create Mobile App Service

We can create Mobile App Service from below link.



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