Why Azure?

In this article we can explore the Advantages of Deploying Applications to Azure.


Azure is a Cloud Computing Service created by Microsoft to build, test, deploy & manage applications.

Azure vs. On-Premises

Azure provides the following Advantages compared with On-Premises:

· No Infrastructure Purchase required & thus saving cost in hardware purchase, upgrade & maintenance.

· Easy Scalability is offered through scaling up of Azure hardware based on demand.

· More Uptime The data centers of Azure provide more Uptime than traditional On-premises data centers and giving More Reliability.

· Reduced Cost due to Subscription based service. No big investment on hardware & software.

· More Security The data centers of Microsoft Azure provide Best Security for data in transit & data at rest.

· More Stability Azure provides multiple copies of application & databases to automatically handle a failover situation. Thus, the Stability is high in Azure.

· Hybrid Support Azure provides more Hybrid deployment scenarios than traditional On-Premise hosting.


When to choose On-Premise?

Even though the above advantages are there with Azure, still one may have to choose On-Premise hosting given the following scenario:

· If your On-Premise Hosting Cost is considerably lesser than Azure hosting

· If your Client Data Privacy policy restricts data being hosted outside the country or 3rd party premise.

Hosting in Azure or Or-Premise is a Choice to be made with Good Evaluations on Starting Cost, Ongoing cost & Future scenarios.


In this article we have explored what are the Advantages of going with Azure hosting.

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