Azure Cloud Types

In this article we can explore about Azure Cloud Types.

Cloud Type

Cloud Type determines the type of date, hosting & security aspects.

There are 3 Cloud Types in Azure:

· Public

· Private

· Hybrid

Public Cloud

Public is the default Cloud Type.

Public Cloud is available to General Public.

Public Cloud hosting is owned & managed by Microsoft.

Public Cloud is cheaper.

Public Cloud is less secure for sensitive data.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud offers more security to sensitive data.

Private Cloud is owned & managed by Single company.

Private Cloud is expensive.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is combination of Public & Private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud offers right mix of cost & security.



Sensitive Data is a critical decision-making part in Cloud Type determination. For example, a client may have sensitive data like Names, Social Security Identification information, Private Accounting data etc. which they do not wanted another company to manage, not even Microsoft. Also, a company may have legal agreements with their clients that the client data will not be stored outside the country. In these cases, Azure offers Private cloud to the company where they can run the Azure infrastructure in the company owned servers & managed by company team. In this way Scalability, Availability & Flexibility of Azure platform can be reused while the Data Security is also addressed.



In this article we have explored Azure Cloud Types.

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