Azure Hosting Models

In this article we can explore about Azure Hosting Models.

Compute Options

Azure provides the following Compute Options.

· App Service

· Cloud Service

· Virtual Machines


App Service

App Service is preferred if you want to host Apps like Web Apps, Mobile Apps etc.

App Service provides Scalability.

App Service is best for Single-tier applications.

App Service is cheaper.

Cloud Service

Cloud Service is preferred for n-tier applications.

Cloud Service provides High Availability & Scalability.

Cloud Service provides more control over the OS.

Cloud Service contains Web Roles and Worker Roles


Cloud Service allows us to specify the Count of Web Roles and Worker Roles required.

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are fully customized Windows or Linux VMs.

Virtual Machines provides complete control.

Virtual Machines are more expensive.


Initially Web Role, Worker Role & VM Role were the 3 Roles in Azure. Now VM Role is moved out of Roles and added under Hosting Models.



In this article we have explored about Azure Hosting Models.

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